Services for Seniors
Seniors Acting Together (SAT) Project

The SAT Project has been designed to reduce isolation, improve health, develop crucial household management skills and bring the older community together to foster self help through myriad activities promoting social, practical and emotional support which comprise of:

  • Weekly Activities : health development for older people e.g. gentle yoga exercises, chair based exercise, exercise to music [dance] and Tai - Chi sessions.
  • Monthly Workshops and Events : arranged with specific health focuses appropriate to older people e.g. raising awareness to heart conditions and diabetes.
  • Health Surgeries : organised in the centre specific to the health issues of elderlies including health checks [blood pressure and diabetes] and generally to ensure older people can access 1 -1 support in an informal setting.
  • Home Befriending: provided to elderlies which will effect appropriate advice, advocacy and emotional support when they cannot make it to the centre – this is particularly important for those who are housebound or have mobility problems.
  • Social Groups : arranged to effect community inclusion for older people particularly those who are not included in social circles or involved in community life.
  • Cultural exchange and Inter-Generational Activities : conducted to build links with our Youth Project to introduce joint sessions / workshops between older and younger people.
  • Older People Forum : to facilitate older people' views, stimulate discussion, provide peer support and campaign to represent older people to the Authorities to raise issues and effect policy development locally as regards health and development.
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