Advice and Support Project

Embrace UK provides advice and support to all disadvantaged groups including migrants, refugees and asylum seekers with regard to money matters including debt, welfare rights, housing benefits or rent related issues, housing related support, education and providing financial assistance by raising funds from utility providers such as British Gas, EDF and N-Power.

Appointments are seen as a priority.
To make an appointment call: 0208 275 4526 (direct) or 0208 801 9224 (switchboard)

Housing Related Support

The project is designed to provide Housing related Support in order to prevent homelessness for Haringey residents.
Our service to Haringey residents include dealing with:-

  • Rent Arrears
  • Threat with eviction
  • Dispute with your landlords
  • Problems with deposit
  • Issues surrounding disrepair
  • Or any other housing related support

Embrace Housing Support Leaflet (A5)

Money and Debt Advice

This project provides practical financial advice and assistance by working closely with utility bill suppliers. For those who are British Gas, EDF Energy, N-Power customers and have failed to pay their utility bill arrear, we liaise with their providers to help clear the debt.

For Thames Water customers that have arrears the main applicant must be the customer themselves. However we can help to complete the application form.

Prevention of Mental illness

Embrace UK believes that issues related to homelessness, debt, family separation, poor housing, benefit related matters, language and cultural differences can easily cause depression and can contribute to more serious mental illness. For this, we are working very hard to help our service users overcome these problems.